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We'll shortly be launching 'Planning', a better way to plan with your team. We are inviting services to access this new feature before we officially launch it. This article is for services that opt in.


When you begin a new plan, it is private to you. You might keep a plan private if you're using it for eg. a reflective journal, or if you're just not ready to share it with others yet:

Once you're ready to share a plan, click the blue Share button to see your sharing options.

What happens when you share a plan

When you click 'Done' in your share settings, anyone you selected will receive an email with a link to the plan so they can start contributing or commenting.

Share a plan with teachers

It's likely that you'll share most plans with all teachers at your service. Once a plan is shared, all teachers will then have the same level of access as the person who began it. They'll find any plans that have been shared with them in your service's profile area under the Planning tab. They'll be able to view, edit and comment on each plan. The author and any admins at your service will be able to change the share settings.

Share a plan with parents

As well as sharing with teachers, you may choose to share with the parents of any children you've added within the plan. (This means any family member who has been given admin rights – usually only the child's parents.) Parents can't edit plans, they can only view and make comments.

If a plan has been shared with a parent, they will see it in a new Planning tab on their child's early learning service's profile page.

Service-wide planning
If you wish to share a plan with all parents of children in your service , simply add all those children to a cell. This would be useful for programmes and daily diaries etc.

Room planning
For room-specific planning, eg. room programmes, projects or events, add all children in a room to a cell and then share with those children's parents.

Group planning
When planning for groups of children, you could add a few children in a cell, or one child per cell and then share with those children's parents.

Individual planning
When you are planning for an individual child, eg. summative assessments or a transition report, you can add one child in a cell and share with only that child's parents.

Who can see linked stories, plans and notes in a plan?

In any planning cell, it's possible to link to stories, notes and other plans. Learn more here.

Each story, note and plan is only accessible to the parents of the children that are included in them.

So for example, if you link to a child note, or story about an individual or a small group of children, and then share the plan with all parents at your service, only the parents of the children included in the story or note will be able to access those links. All other parents will simply see a greyed-out link that they cannot open.

Privacy in plans

Please think carefully about the content you include in a plan if you're sharing it with parents of more than one child. Think about what each child's parents would be happy for the other parents to read and see.

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