You can use the Storypark for Educators Android app for an easy experience with limited functionality, or you can enjoy Storypark by opening and signing into Storypark in your phone's mobile browser (eg. Chrome or Safari).

Using Storypark this way gives you the full functionality* of Storypark on your mobile device (eg. adding and managing children, teachers and family members, managing learning tags and sets, writing community posts and children's notes, creating reports, recording and sharing routines etc.)

  1. On your phone or tablet, open a browser, eg. Chrome or Safari.

  2. Go to and click 'Log in'.

  3. Enter your email and password and log in

  4. From here you can use Storypark as you would on your computer. The navigation and some information has been rearranged to suit a smaller screen, but it works the same way.

Bookmark Storypark

Some phones and browsers let you create a bookmark on your phone so you can create a quick way to access a webpage such as Storypark.

* Functionality will depend on the type and age of your phone and its operating system. Features may be limited on older phones.

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