Annual plans

Our monthly price is NZ$1.29/month per child, but if you choose to pay upfront for an annual plan each child will only cost 99c/month; a saving of 25%. There is a base rate for 1-10 children of NZ$9.90/month, charged at NZ$118.80/year.

Chains or groups of early learning services

If you are responsible for a chain or group of early learning services, please contact

Not only for those who can afford it

As a social enterprise, we're committed to making Storypark accessible to all communities and early learning services. We can offer Storypark discounted/free to early learning services in New Zealand who qualify for ECE equity funding or who are in Decile 1 areas. If you meet this criteria, please contact

Basically, if you can't afford Storypark send us an email and we'll figure out something that will work for your circumstance.

Free for families

Storypark is free to all parents and family members.

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