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Educators: Transferring children between early learning services
Educators: Transferring children between early learning services
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In this guide learn about:

Adding a child who already has a Storypark profile to your service

If a child already has a Storypark profile that was started at another service you can continue adding to their existing profile when they join your service.

All you need to do is ask the child's parent to invite your service from their existing Storypark account. You can copy and send a parent this link which explains how:

Alternatively, you can ask the child's current early learning service to do it.

Once invited, you will receive an invitation via email and the child will be added to your service.

Supporting transitions by inviting another early learning service or a school to a child's profile

Before a child heads to another early learning service or to school, you can invite their future teachers to Storypark so they can share the child’s learning journey.

Both services will then be able to see all of the child's individual stories and notes, but neither service will be able to access the other service's group stories (stories with other children tagged in them), community posts, planning or other service information. You can turn this setting off if you prefer – learn how here.

First, you'll need to be an Admin educator (this article explains how to make a teacher an Admin), then to invite another service to a child's current profile:

1. Click on the Menu at the top of the page:

2. Click the Children link under your early learning service's name:

3. Find the child who you’d like to invite another early learning service to - then click the little arrow on the top right of that child's panel and select Edit from the drop-down menu: 

4. Click the Invite another service button:

5. In the form field enter the new service's name, the email address of an admin educator at the new service, and if you wish a short message explaining why you are doing this:

6. The child's parent will receive an email asking if they agree to grant access to the new service.

7. If they agree, the new service will receive an email invitation to Storypark. If the new service accepts your invite they’ll have the same access to the child’s profile as your early learning service and be able to contribute to the child’s learning journey within Storypark.

Once you are happy the child has transitioned to the new service you can simply archive/remove them from your centre. Those children’s stories won't be deleted, you simply won’t have access to them anymore. After they’ve been archived from your centre, parents, family members and the newly invited service will still be able to access those children’s profiles and stories.

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