Trialing Educator Portfolios at your service
A guide to trialing the new premium Educator Portfolios
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This article includes information on the new premium Educator Portfolios platform.

Note: This article is relevant for independent services only (single-site services that aren't part of a network/multisite organisation). If you're part of a network service, learn more here.

This guide outlines a general implementation process. The actual process may differ for each service and educator.

In this guide:

Learn more about Educator Portfolios and what it offers you

The new premium Educator Portfolios platform aims to deliver consistent, clear guidance regarding capabilities that tracks and simplifies processes and makes them rewarding.

Educator Portfolios is the platform that takes all the work you already do in Storypark such as Stories and Plans and makes them transferable to your development as an educator.

Familiarise yourself with the platform:

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Educator Portfolios

We offer a 30-day free trial before your service's subscription begins. In this trial, you'll the opportunity to learn how to use the platform and experience its benefits. If you're an educator, ask your manager to check out our Educator Portfolios page on our website to register your service's interest and begin the signup process.

What will happen throughout the trial?

  • Once registered for the 30-day free trial, one of our Customer Success team members will be in touch to answer any questions you may have and to be a helping hand along the way

  • All management and educators will be shown what Educator Portfolios is and will be notified when the trial commences

  • There is help and guidance at every corner throughout the trial. Both educators and managers will receive helpful emails, videos and links to help articles.

What will happen after the trial?

When your free trial is coming to an end, the organisation's manager will be notified and asked to either subscribe to Educator Portfolios, or not continue.

  • If your service chooses to subscribe, you can carry on using the platform the same way you were throughout your trial and all your work will to be available for you to open and edit at all times.

  • If your service choose not to subscribe learn learn what happens to any work you created during the trial.

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