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What is a linker?

In plans and goals, Storypark provides a way to link different parts of your work together so you can show connections, progress, and threads of learning within your practice. In the case of goal cycles, you can now link your goals to your portfolio stories, portfolio plans and centre plans.

An example

Say you have a Professional Growth Cycle that includes a 'Teaching Inquiry' goal/focus area. You might want to link this focus area to a plan where you work on your inquiry, and also to some portfolio stories you've written to reflect on your inquiry topic.

How to link a goal/focus area to a portfolio story or plan

On your homepage, in any cycle click on a goal. At the bottom of each goal or supporting goal you'll see a button that says 'Link my stories and plans'.

Click this button to open the goal linker. You'll see two tabs at the top – Stories and Plans. You can toggle between these tabs and select any number of Stories and Plans.

Linking to a portfolio story

The Stories tab will show all portfolio stories you have in your portfolio. Select any number of them and click 'Done'. Note, once linked, only those you've selected to view each story will be able to see it. You can change the view setting on each portfolio story by going to your portfolio stories page, clicking the dropdown arrow in the top right of a story, and selecting the relevant contributors.

Linking to a portfolio or centre plan

The plans tab has the option to link to a portfolio plan or one of your centre plans. You can link to open or archived plans. Select the plan type in the dropdown that says My Portfolio. Select any number of plans and click 'Done'. Note, once linked, only those who the plan has been shared with in the plan's share settings will be able to see it.

This is what a goal looks like after it has plans and/or stories linked.

Associated planning templates

Some goals have associated portfolio planning templates, ie. when your network administrators set up your cycle they can associate certain goals with their relevant planning templates. In these cases you'll see a yellow info panel and a button that is a quick and easy way to automatically link the correct plan directly to the goal. If you don't already have the correct plan, this button will create one for you.

How to unlink a portfolio story or plan from a goal/focus area

To unlink a story or plan from a goal, simply click the link button again, find the blue linked story or plan and click it to deselect. Then click Done. Now it won't be linked to your goal anymore.

Linking from a portfolio plan

So far we've discussed how to link to a plan from a goal. But you can also do it the other way around, ie. link to a goal from a plan.

The difference between the two methods is that if you link to a portfolio plan via the cycle goal, you'll see the plan link in the goal, but if you then go to the linked plan you won't see any reference to the linked goal.

If the plan has specific cells that you'd like to reference the linked goal, you can open the planning cell linker, select the Goals tab, and select the relevant goal.

Once you've saved the cell you'll now see the linked goal in the plan.

If you now visit the goal from its cycle on your homepage, you'll also see the linked plan.

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