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What's a cycle review?

Some types of cycles, eg. a professional growth or appraisal cycle may include a review at the end of the period. Other cycles, eg. an induction may not. A cycle review might be self-review only, manager review only, or both.

You’ll see here that my professional growth cycle review has just become available to begin. It shows that in this case both my manager and I have two weeks to complete it. If I don’t complete it in the allotted time, it will still be available but will display in red.

Clicking on my review will open up a little window with prompts I can follow. Reviews might be different for each cycle and each role. For each goal in the cycle they might include a multi-choice selection, or they might just include an open text area where I can write a reflection. I can click on each circle at the top to move to the next step. I don't have to complete my review all in one go, at any time I can save it as a draft and finish it later.

Once my manager and I have both completed my review it will become available to view.

Click on View review to read your manager's feedback.

Who can read my review?

Only you, your Direct Manager, their managers and your network administrators will be able to see your goal cycle and its review. No other contributors or team members you invite to your portfolio will have access.

What's next?

Once a cycle and its review is complete a new one can be opened by your manager.

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