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What are conversations?

Conversations (in the context of teacher portfolios) are private messages between teachers and their contributors, and are only visible to the selected recipients.

That could be a two person mentor-mentee conversation about planning your next on-on-one meeting, or it could be an all-contributor conversation about planning a project, inquiry or review. Contributors can start conversations with the people they support, as well as contributing to existing threads.


Where do I find my conversations?

Your Conversations page displays all conversations you've started or been added to, in a stream.


Start a conversation

There are two ways you can start a conversation:

  1. Visit your conversations page (or the conversations page of another teacher you support) and start a conversation in the box at the top of the conversations stream.
  2. Click the 'Conversation' button in the blue navigation bar at the top of your screen.

Select your recipients, create your message by adding text, images, video or attachments, then tap 'Post'. All recipients will receive an email notification.


Contribute to an existing conversation

You can reply to an existing conversation by tapping in the text field that says, 'Write a comment'. Add your text, along with any images, and tap 'Post'.


What happens when a teacher leaves?

Teacher conversations are associated with individuals, not their early learning service which means your conversations will remain accessible even after you've left your current service.

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