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Printing a plan

Visit our main help centre article to learn more about printing plans.


Archive or reopen a plan

When you complete a planning cycle, or you simply don't need a plan anymore, you can archive it. Archiving a plan keeps your open plans area current and relevant, making it easier to find the plans you're working on. Archived plans can still be accessed, they are just filed in a different place to your open plans.

In any plan, click the 'Archive' button in the top right menu. This will close and archive it, and it will now be listed in your Archived plans area.

You can comment on an archived plan but you can't edit it. If you wish to edit it, you can reopen an archived plan at any time by clicking on the plan and in the top right corner, clicking 'Reopen'. It will now appear in your Open plans area and you can edit it just like any other open plan.


Delete a plan

In any plan, select 'Delete' from the top right menu. You will be asked if you wish to continue, and on selecting 'Yes' the plan will be deleted for you, and any contributors it had been shared with.

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