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To learn more about general permissions in teacher portfolios, see Contributors and permissions in teacher portfolios.

There are two kinds of portfolio plans

  1. Plans created from scratch by a portfolio owner
  2. Plans created from a network template by a portfolio owner or their manager

The share settings in each kind work differently.

Plans created from scratch by a portfolio owner

When you begin a new plan (that isn't created from a network template), it is private to you. You might keep a plan private if you're using it for eg. a reflective journal, or if you're just not ready to share it with others yet.

Once you're ready to share a plan, click the Share button at the top right to see your sharing options. Select from a list of any of your contributors. Learn more about portfolio contributors.

When you click 'Done', anyone you selected will receive an email with a link to the plan so they can start contributing to it. 

When a contributor opens a plan, their contributor-type will determine whether they can comment and edit, or comment-only.

  • If they are a Manager or Direct Manager they'll be able to both edit and comment.
  • If they are a standard Contributor they will only be able to comment.

Plans created from a network template

Your network administrators may have created some network templates that they want all their teachers to use in their portfolios.

Plans created from these templates have special share settings:

  • They can be started, edited and deleted by portfolio owners, Managers, Direct Managers and network administrators.
  • Once created, they are automatically shared with any contributor in your portfolio who has Manager or Direct Manager status. They are also accessible to network administrators.
  • They cannot be shared with standard contributors – instead of a 'Share' button, you will only see a 'Who can see this' message which once hovered will display the above groups.

Note: If a portfolio owner is part of more than one network, only the network who created the template will have access to these plans.

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