This article is for those who are trialling or have subscribed to Storypark's new Teacher Portfolio platform. If you are interested in testing Storypark's new Teacher Portfolio platform, add your details here. Learn more here: Old VS new teacher portfolios – what’s the difference?

On your teacher portfolio Open plans page, click 'Create a plan'. 

You'll be asked what kind of plan you wish to start – a blank plan or a plan from one of your network planning templates.

Choosing Blank (empty plan) will open a fresh new plan with nothing in it:

You can create a plan from one of your templates in the same way. A planning template is a plan that is pre-populated with regularly used content, from which you can start a new plan. Templates are designed to save you time so don't have to start from a blank slate every time you want to create a plan. 

On your Open plans page tap Create a plan and when when asked what kind of plan you wish to start select the name of one of your templates. A pre-populated plan based on that template will open:

Right now, your templates are managed by your network head office, but in the future you'll be able to create and manage your own.

Once you tap 'Start plan' this will begin a new plan based on eg. your Appraisal template which you can begin filling out. 

Give your new plan a name, eg. 'Appraisal 2019-20', and when you finished for now, tap 'Save and exit'. Your new plan will be listed in your Open plans area.

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