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Portfolio stories allow teachers to reflect, document and save evidence of their work over time. 

Whether it's a reflection on your goals or inquiry, or a record of a professional learning activity, the story editor has a multitude of uses. At its heart, it is simply your space to create.

There are two ways to create portfolio stories: by saving a child story to your portfolio with one click, and by creating a story from scratch in your own portfolio. This article discusses creating a story from scratch in your own portfolio.

Portfolio stories can be created in the same way as a child story, i.e. add text, images, videos and PDFs in the story editor, but instead of selecting a child in the story, a teacher selects themselves.

1. Tap the 'Create story' button.

2. Tap 'Select who's in this story'. 

Note: If you're creating the story from one of your portfolio pages you will already be selected and won't need to follow any of these steps.

3. Tap the group selector where you usually select your service or room name, and choose 'My Portfolio'.

4. It will show you as being selected.

5. Tap 'Done' and you'll be back in the editor. When you're finished tap 'Publish' and the story will be saved to your Portfolio stories page.

Your newly published portfolio story is private to you by default but it can be made visible to your contributors by clicking the arrow in the top right of the story preview card and selecting which of your contributors you'd like to give access to.

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