This article is for those who are trialling or have subscribed to Storypark's new Teacher Portfolio platform. If you are interested in testing Storypark's new Teacher Portfolio platform, add your details here. Learn more here: Old VS new teacher portfolios – what’s the difference?

If you are a Manager or have been invited to contribute to someone else's portfolio, please read our guides:


Contribute to stories

Portfolio stories allow teachers to reflect and document evidence of their work over time. 

Portfolio stories are private by default to the author but can be made visible to their contributors if they click the arrow in the top right of the story preview card and select which of their contributors they'd like to give access to.

Once it has been made visible to you, you can respond to it, just as you would with child stories. You can use the responses area to make suggestions, give feedback or provide encouragement.

Comment on a plan

Portfolio plans are flexible spaces where teachers can set, plan and work towards their developmental goals, inquiry, appraisals or accreditation/registration as well as anything else related to their professional learning and development. As a contributor, you can support this work by collaborating on any plans that are shared with you. 

Note: Managers can also edit certain plans (depending on the template permission settings) but this is more to support teachers in setting up their plans. After that, we would suggest that most interactions happen through comments.

Start or reply to a conversation

Conversations are private to the selected recipients. 

That could be a two-person mentor-mentee conversation about planning your next one-on-one meeting, or it could be an all-contributor or all-team conversation about planning a team project, inquiry or review. You can start conversations with the people you support, as well as contributing to existing threads.

View a report

Teacher reports can be used to analyse trends in how tags have been applied to stories, over time. 

These might be tags applied to portfolio stories and related to their professional development (eg. teaching standards), or tags applied to child stories that they've saved to their portfolio (eg. curriculum). You’ll be able to observe differences/similarities over time which will help you to focus your support.

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