If you're interested in trialling Storypark's new Teacher Portfolio platform, get in touch at hello@storypark.com.  

Which version do you have?

Storypark's new teacher portfolio platform is currently only available to multisite organisations with early access. To find out if your organisation is trialling or has subscribed to the new platform simply open the left-hand navigation drawer.

  • If you see the left image (Conversations, Child stories, Portfolio stories, Contributors, Planning, Reports), you have the new version.
  • If you see the right image (Conversations, Children stories, My Portfolio, Reports), you have the older version.

Here are a few of the main differences between the old and the new platforms:


We've introduced planning into teacher portfolios so now you can take your portfolio plans with you, even as you move between services.

There is now a much greater distinction between plans started from network templates which are auto-shared with your manager/s, and your own private plans which can be kept private or shared with whoever you wish.

Manager access

We've introduced a 'Manager' contributor-type with a different level of access. 

For any teacher they manage, they can:

  • Invite other contributors from their own organisation.
  • Automatically access as well as edit any plans started from their organisation's templates.



It's now much easier way to find, invite and remove contributors from your portfolio.

Contributors now have their own dashboard with quick access to the portfolios and plans of any teachers they support.



You can now save stories as evidence to your portfolio with one click.


Network features

Organisations now have a template builder within their network dashboard where they can create planning templates specifically for teacher portfolios.

They can choose whether plans have locked areas so that they can maintain consistency across all teachers, or whether they are kept open to allow flexibility.

And last but certainly not least, Network administrators now have their own dashboard with quick access to any teacher they are supporting.

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