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If you're creating stories about children, or reviewing stories that you've written about children, you can now save those stories to your portfolio with a single click. 

Saving a child story to your portfolio creates a copy that is not connected to the child, or your service. This means the story stays with you, even if you leave your service. 

Please read Child privacy in teacher portfolios for information about your obligations when saving child content to your portfolio.


How to save a story to your portfolio

On every published story of which you are the author, you'll see an ‘Add to My Portfolio’ button:

Clicking this instantly adds a copy of the story to your portfolio and displays a message at the top that gives you the option to close the message and stay viewing the child story, or to ‘Open in My Portfolio’:

Opening it in your portfolio allows you to view, edit or respond to your story. You might want to:

  • Add context or additional reflections

  • Relate it to a goal you've set

  • Apply portfolio learning tags, eg. teaching standards

  • Remove children's names and personal details so it does not personally identify any child.

Once saved, your story will be private to you so you may wish to change who can access it. On your portfolio stories page, simply click the arrow in the top right of the story preview card and select which of your contributors you'd like to give access to.

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