This article is for those who are trialling or have subscribed to Storypark's new Teacher Portfolio platform. If you are interested in testing Storypark's new Teacher Portfolio platform, add your details here. Learn more here: Old VS new teacher portfolios – what’s the difference?

Help on every page

If you get stuck or have a question, click on the little blue tab at the bottom right of your screen that says 'Need help?'. This clever little widget will give you videos, tips and links to help centre articles about the page you're on.

If the information you see in these panels still doesn't help you, you can click one of the two links at the bottom. One will take you to our help centre where you can learn more. The other, Ask a question, will open a new email so you can ask our support team something.


While the new platform is early-access only, we're not publically advertising any teacher portfolio webinars. Webinars may be available on request – contact our Professional Learning and Development team at

Other ways to find help

Email if you have any questions. If you'd like to discuss your organisation's training needs, contact


Blog posts and case studies

Each month we put out a newsletter where in the future we'll be releasing case studies on how people are using teacher portfolios and providing product updates. Make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date.

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