You can turn off the QikKids integration at any time.  By removing the QikKids app integration, this will disconnect your QikKids and Storypark accounts and stop syncing your children and rooms. 

To remove the QikKids app

  1. Go to Settings > Account and select the service you want to turn the integration off for
  2. Select QikKids from the list of apps
  3. Go to the 'Remove app' tab
  4. Click the button to 'Remove app'

What gets deleted when I remove the QikKids integration?

No children or rooms are deleted from Storypark when you remove the QikKids integration.  We delete the details that allow us to sync the children between Storypark and QikKids.

QikKids authentication credentials

Storypark will still hold the QikKids authentication details for your service.  This allows you to turn the integration back on at any time without having to go back through the process to request these details from QikKids.  If you'd like us to delete the authentication details please email us at

I've got problems syncing children and rooms from QikKids

If you just want fix issues with the children or rooms syncing, please go to the setup tab and review the setup for the children or rooms that aren't syncing properly.  If these settings look correct then try to resolve any further issues by removing the QikKids app and go through the setup again.

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