Once you've connected Storypark to your QikKids account you then need to match the QikKids children and rooms to those that you already have in Storypark.  We do this to ensure we match the correct children and rooms between QikKids and Storypark.

You will be shown a list of all the children and rooms in QikKids on the left and for each you need to select the matching child/room in Storypark or choose 'don't add to Storypark' or 'Archive'.

  • Selecting 'don't add to Storypark' will mean that child/room is not added in Storypark and we wont sync any details for that child or room.
  • You'd use 'archive' where the child is no longer attending your service.  This will remove the child from your service.  They will be added to your archived children area.

Make sure you click 'update' at the bottom of the page to complete the matching and start the syncing of the children and room.  You will know that a child/room is sync'ing as it has the green connecting icon showing between the QikKids and Storypark columns.

Helping you with the match

We will help you match these by trying to match the QikKids children with those already in Storypark with the same or similar name.  Please take the time to review each match to ensure it is correct.

What if I update the details of the child/room in Storypark?

 Any changes you make in Storypark to the child or room, including the name, date of birth or gender will only be reflected in Storypark. These changes will not break the link to QikKids for that child or room. This allows you to rename rooms or use nicknames for any of the children.

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