Do you use QikKids for your Child Care Subsidy (CCS) management? You can save time managing the children and rooms in your Storypark centre by connecting it with your QikKids service.

Connecting QikKids with Storypark will enable:

  1. Children to be automatically added and removed from Storypark
  2. Rooms to be automatically added and removed from Storypark
  3. Parent email addresses to be pre-populated

These changes only happen where a child or room is linked between Storypark and QikKids. Any new children or rooms added to QikKids will be automatically added to Storypark.

Any changes you make in Storypark to the child or room, including the name, date of birth or gender will only be reflected in Storypark. These changes will not break the link to QikKids for that child or room.

How to authorise your QikKids service to connect to Storypark

First you need QikKids to enable the integration for you.  To do this you need to:

  1. Whoever manages your QikKids account needs to activate QikKids Trusted Partners integration
  2. Once activated, email Storypark with your QikKids authorisation details and we’ll enable this app

Once the integration is authorised, complete the following in the Storypark web app:

  1. Go to Settings > Account and select the service you want to connect
  2. Select QikKids from the list of available app integrations.
  3. Click the ‘Connect this app’ button and enter your QikKids support ID
  4. Match your QikKids children/rooms to the corresponding children/rooms in Storypark

What data will Storypark access from QikKids?

Storypark will be able to:

  • Access name, gender, birthdate and attendance status of children in QikKids
  • Access rooms and the children attached to them in QikKids
  • Access the parent/guardian email address for each child in QikKids

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