Creating printed books/gifts from your photos, stories and moments are a great way to celebrate and revisit your children’s learning. Keep them for yourself or send as a gift to the most important people in your children's lives.

Here's how to get started...

Select your options

Tap Photobooks/Gifts at the bottom of the screen

Pick the type of printed gift you're interested in

Select the option you prefer

On the next screen, tap on Details to make sure you're happy with the specifications and shipping costs.

Tap 'Start Creating'.


Start creating

We currently offer photo books, prints, invitations, canvases and posters. Each one is created in a slightly different way. For products that have multiple images in them, eg. photobooks and collage posters, the first screen you'll see is a list of white thumbnails with a '+' on each. Each one represents a place to put an image. Tap this to choose an image.

You have the choice to select images from the camera roll on your phone, your education stories, or your family moments. You can select from just one of these areas or mix and match.

For multi-image/page products you can select one or more images at a time.

Once you've finished creating, tap 'Next'.


Editing your photos

If you add a photo but want to edit or change it, simply tap the photo and an editor will open. Along the bottom you'll see options to:

  • Replace the image with another one
  • Flip
  • Rotate
  • Crop
  • Add filters
  • Add text (start typing in the text field then once you tap return you can tap the text field's corners to delete, rotate or expand it. At the bottom of the screen you have options to change the font or the text colour)
  • You can also pinch on the photo and move your fingers to zoom in or change the position of the photo within the frame.

Once you've finished editing, tap 'Done'.


Review your creation

Once you've finished adding your images you can preview what you've added before continuing. With photobooks you have the chance to flip through your book previewing each page. 

If you want to edit any of your images, tap on them to open them in an editor. Here you can flip, rotate, add filters, add text, or crop your photo, or you can change the photo to a new one.

Once you're happy, tap 'Add to Basket'.


Pay for your order

You'll be taken to a payment screen where you can see a list of your orders.

You can either continue shopping, ie. create a second product to add to your order, or continue to payment.

  1. First, tap 'Delivery Details' and enter your delivery address, email and phone number
  2. Tap 'Shipping' to choose shipping method (items are shipped from different places so sometimes there is more than one shipping option
  3. Tap 'Paying With' to add your credit card details

Once you've finished, tap 'Pay $__' to confirm your order.

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