Learning sets are simply folders that organise your tags. We suggest working with no more than 6-8 relevant learning sets which can be a mix of ones that an admin educator has created themselves and that have been selected by an admin from the library of Storypark learning sets.

Having too many sets can make creating stories confusing, and the results less meaningful.

Consider the following types of sets to highlight children’s learning and development:

  • local/country curriculum

  • dispositions

  • philosophy

  • school curriculum (to support transition)

  • theories

  • Encyclopedia of Early Childhood Development

  • style or methods of learning that are relevant to your service e.g. Montessori, Reggio, Steiner, Language nests etc. 

Consider the following types of sets to highlight centre and teacher development:

  • teaching standards

  • appraisal goals

  • centre philosophy

  • ethics

It can be helpful to have one admin educator responsible for creating and managing your sets and tags to prevent multiple sets of the same tags from being created, and to keep the learning sets in order.

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